Content  > Sections > "Footer 1", "Footer 2", and "Footer 3"

If any of these three sections contain content they will display in the footer.


The content above the newsletter sign up uses the div-callout option outlined in the Subpage Styles of this guide.  To display the newsletter sign up you will insert the newsletter sign up monklet.  When completed the user will be assigned to the "Newsletter" group and will be taken to the "/mailing-list" page.

Example HTML:

<div class="div-callout">

<h4>Sign Up for Weekly Updates</h4>

<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adivpiscing elit.</p>



Content > Link Lists > "Social Links"

The custom icons can be created by entering a custom class in the icon class field.  A full list of available icons can be found at (use your domain when your site goes live).