Monklets are snippets of code that can be used to dynamically display content from the CMS. While they may only look like this - {{staff-page}}, they are working hard in the background with code to display more content from the CMS like your latest sermons, blog posts, articles, a contact form, or staff members.


To insert a Monklet into your content, click Insert > Insert Monklet and select the Monklet of your choice.


Staff Monklet

 The Polycarp theme comes with a staff monklet that can be used to easily create and manage a staff page. Go to the staff monklet article in the setup guide for further instruction.

Sidebar Monklets

Several Monklets have been created that can be used in a sidebar:

  • Upcoming Events 1 Monklet : Displays the next four upcoming events
  • Upcoming Events 2 Monklet : Displays the next three upcoming events
  • Latest Sermon Monklet : Displays the latested published sermon
  • Recent Blog Monklet : Displays the most recent three blog post from all blogs

Home Page Sections with Monklets

There are two sections currently assigned to the Homepage (Index) using monklets on your Polycarp homepage.  

Upcoming Events Section: Includes the Upcoming Events 1 Monklet. Displays the four most upcoming events. The event name, date, and time of the event will be displayed with a link.

Latest Sermon Section: Includes the Latest Sermon Monklet. Displays the most recent published sermon. The sermon name, date, image, passage, preacher, and category of the sermon will be displayed with links.