Home Rotator

Image Rotator Overview

Navigate to Media > Rotators > click to edit the Homepage rotator

The home page rotator is a slideshow of images that are located in a rotator titled "Homepage."

Rotator Size and Details

Rotator Recomendations:

Image Size: 701 x 414 pixels

Resolution: 72 px/inch - Save for Web

Format: .JPG or .PNG

Correctly size your rotator images before uploading them into the Homepage Rotator.

To display a rotator on the home page, the rotator title will need to be called 'Homepage,' and assigned to the Index page.

You have the option to add new image slides by clicking "Add a New Slide," or you can click on the pencil to edit an existing slide.

Add a link to a slide to link visitors to specific areas of your site or external URLs.