Meta Navigation

What Is Meta Navigation?

Meta Navigation items are links that exist seperatly from your site's regular navigation items (See the red box in the screenshot above).

These items are typically used for things that you want to be easy to find on every page of your site. The most typical uses for Meta Navigation items are linking to thinks like your Contact Us, Giving, Service Times, and/or Events pages.

How To Edit Meta Navigation

In order to edit your Meta Navigation Items, go to CONTENT > Link Lists and then select the Quick Links option. These items are what make up your site's Meta Navigation.

You can sort the items by using the arrow buttons on the left, add items by clicking the green "+" sign on the right, edit existing items by clicking the pencil icon on the right, or delete items by clicking on the trash can icon on then right.

If you are sorting or deleting items, these changes will save automaticly but if you are adding new items or editing exisitng items, you will need to make sure to click the save button for the changes to be visible.

NOTE: The Graham theme is not designed to display more than 2 or 3 of these items.