How to manage your site navigation.

The main site navigation bar in the header displays the first level links with dropdowns to display the second level links once a top level link is selected.

NOTE: 3rd levle navigation items will not show up on this theme. Contact your Onboarding Specialist or our Support team if you have further questions about this.

Where to edit your Navigation

You can add navigation items or by using the Navigation Module. To access your Navigation Module, go to CONTENT > Pages > Navigation.

Inside of the navigation module, you can do things like expand a Parent Navigation (or 1st Level) item to show the Child (or 2nd level) items below.

You can also add navigation items by clicking the "+ NEW ITEM" button. If you want to add a navigation item directly below another, click the "+" sign of on the specific navigation item you wish to add a new one below.

Additionally, you can edit an existing navigation item but clicking on the pencil icon, or delete a navigation item by clicking on the trashcan icon.

After you are done making changes to your site's navigation, make sure to click the "Save & Publish" button before exiting the Navigation Module.