Subpages Templates


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Subpage Default

Default Two-Column Layout

The "Subpage Default" template is your basic page layout for most general-purpose interior pages of the website. This template is a two-column layout and serves as your page default template. The layout includes a sidebar and optional fullwidth sections below the content.

The "Style Guide" page has been setup to display your site default styles using the Subpage Default template.

Subpage Fullwidth

Fullwidth layout

The "Subpage Fullwidth" template displays the content area fullwidth on the page and includes up to 7 optional sections to display below the content.

Choosing a Template

Go to Content > Pages > Add a New Page (or select an existing page)

When creating a new page, the "Template" field will have the "Subpage Default" template selected as the default. You can select the dropdown menu to change to the "Subpage Fullwidth" template, if needed.