Sermons #5


This template uses Sermon Layout 5 from our layouts site.

To make changes, navigate to CONTENT > SERMONS

Detailed sermon help can be found at

When first setting up your sermons, our Sermon Importer might be useful! Learn more here:

To create a new sermon select ADD A NEW SERMON. 

  1. Detail: This is where you choose a title, categories, series, key passage, date, and preacher. This will sort the sermon into the right places and automatically show the passage.
  2. Content: Step two you will add a summary, keywords, and then the actual content of the sermon. 
  3. Add Media: This is wehre you will be able to add audio, video, an image, or notes on your sermon. You can also embed a youtube video using the EMBED CODE tab. Using external link will only create a link to that page, not embed the video on the site. 
  4. Publish gives you the option to post just to certain groups or the site (site group), and then also allows you to publish at a certain date and time.

Non featured sermons can use the recommended image size of 1024 pixels wide by 576 pixels in height.  Becuase the featured sermon on the home page uses the parallax background for the entire section those sermons should have an image size of 1400 pixels wide by 788 pixels in height. 

Sermon Series

Sermon series can be given a summary and you can upload a photo for the series. The recommended series image is 2,160px wide by 1,216px.

Sermon Series