Featured Links

The "Featured Links" appear below the rotator on the home page.

Featured Links Overview

The "Featured Links" are controlled by the "Link List" manager, found by going to CONTENT > LINK LISTS

Find and click the "Link List" titled "Featured Links".

Editing the Featured Links (Step 1 of 3)

To add a new item, click a green "+" on the right side.

To edit an existing item, click the pencil icon to the right of the item you want to edit.

To delete an existing item, click the trashcan icon to the right of the item you want to delete.

Editing the Featured Links (Step 2 of 3)

Enter the desired name into the "Name" field.  This name appears as the larger text overlaying the image.

Enter the desired link destination into the "Link" field. You can link to an existing page/event/sermon/etc within your site by clicking "View All" and selecting the item you want to link to. You can link to an external site by doing the "enter a URL" option. If you enter a URL of an external site, it is highly recommended you click the "Open link in new window" option.

Enter the desired image into the "Image" field. All images must first be uploaded in the "Media" manager (MEDIA > Media). The recommended image size for these featured links is 600 pixels wide by 360 pixels high. For best results, use images in those dimensions or larger and in that same ratio.

Enter the desired caption into the "Description" field. This caption text appears as the small text overlaying the image.

Click "Save" to save your changes.


Editing the Featured Links (Step 3 of 3)